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Built by creators, for creators

We've been creating high-end 360º 3D content for years, but how to distribute these experiences has always been a question. Traditional video platforms lack branding options, and developing a custom VR app from scratch is expensive and slow. That's why we developed Headjack as a high-quality alternative!


Deadlines are always tight. With our easy-to-use interface and quality templates, you achieve an incredible time-to-market on all VR platforms.


Your content deserves better than a YouTube channel. Add your logo, colors and content to our completely white-label apps to make your brand shine!


You don’t want to build a new app every time you make a small change or add new content, that’s why Headjack allows you to update your apps live.

Create VR apps in minutes instead of months


Upload your 360º (3D) videos, images & texts


Select a template or create your own with Unity


Export your standalone app for any VR platform


View detailed user analytics and heatmaps

Pick one of our templates or build your own with Unity

Like WordPress, we offer you a selection of pre-designed templates which allow you to create beautiful VR apps in no-time without writing a single line of code.

However, we also opened up our template API for Unity developers who want to customize every part their app experience, without having to waste valuable time developing a backend first.

Browse templates Unity API

Unity integration

Easily manage your content directly from your browser

One place for your all project files. Headjack allows you to manage 360º videos, spatial audio files, images, and even HLS (live) streams through an intuitive web interface. Every change you make is immediately visible in your apps, without having to rebuild it first.

Headjack content management
Zencoder and Amazon AWS

Streamlined video delivery in the perfect resolution

Encoding your video files is a hassle. That's why Headjack automatically transcodes your videos to the optimal resolution for each of the VR platforms, stores them securely in the Amazon cloud, and then delivers them at lightning speed through the Cloudfront CDN network.

Distribute your app to all VR platforms

You want to target a broad audience? With Headjack you can build store-ready apps for Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Daydream in single click.

Distribute your app to all VR platforms
Heatmap and other analytics

Gain valuable insights about your audience

Knowing how your audience consumes your content is crucial information. Headjack can tell you exactly how many users viewed your content, for how long, where they are from, which device they used, and even where they looked in each frame of the video.

Control multiple VR devices at a distance

Whether you're running a VR cinema or have an event with 30 devices that need to start playing a certain piece of content at the same time, the unique Headjack Cinema feature allows you to do just that.. and more!

Whitelabel apps

Your content, your app

The apps your create and the content you upload are yours and always will be, and will never be shared with third-parties. Your app is also completely white-label and will have no trace of the Headjack brand left anywhere.

Other great features are on the way!

We listen carefully to the wishes of our users, and so we never stop developing. Upcoming features include support for 6DOF, subtitles, MPEG-DASH, and DRM to name a few, as well as the ability to get a custom URL and a white-label CMS. On top of that, we're always working on awesome looking templates to make your life easier.

Facebook Surround 360 6DoF camera

More than distribution...

  • Post-production
  • Sales
  • Events
  • Developers


Use a Headjack app for easy review on all VR devices, and let your client install the app to conveniently share the latest version of your work with them. Collaboration also becomes a breeze with our Access Management feature.

Create your VR app for free, pick a plan later

Whether you want to show your app to a handful of people, or broadcast your content to a global audience, we have a plan for you! One-time event or campaign? With our monthly plans you can simply scale back once the job is done, or scale up if you need more.


Enterprise or Educational pricing? Contact us!

About Headjack

Headjack is an app creation and content management platform for 360º video producers, from the team behind Purple Pill. Inspired by WordPress, Headjack allows non-technical users to easily create and manage standalone VR apps which run on all the currently available VR headsets, while also giving developers the ability to tweak the source code to their liking using Headjack’s Unity API.

At Purple Pill, we started creating 360º 3D content a few years ago, but we had no way to distribute our experiences to the various VR headsets. That's why we started building our own 360º video player app in Unity, which we later used for several big clients. Then we realized that these apps all have the same foundation, a 360º video player, but different branding. This is when we started developing Headjack and its unique templating system. And here we are!

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