There is a Difference in knowing the path and walking the path

Content production still is and will always be at the core of our operations because it drives almost everything we do at Headjack. Headjack originated out of Purple Pill our dedicated VR production studio we started back in 2013. We always had a strong focus on high quality 360 videos and custom app development and made significant contributions to the community by sharing our insights through our blogs and helped out a lot of other VR production studio’s by open sourcing a lot of our in-house production tools.

From the start, we have been focussed on fixing the broken distribution chain not only for ourselves as a studio but for the industry as a whole. Development of Headjack started in 2015 and after a lot of blood sweat and tears this eventually led to the public release of Headjack in 2017

After the public release of Headjack, we gradually shifted our focus more on custom app development with the Headjack CMS at its core. Over the course of the last 6 years, we worked on and successfully released more than a hundred custom VR projects in collaboration with agencies, brands and other production studio’s from around the globe.

To better align our product portfolio and serve our Headjack clients before, during and after production this eventually led to the move of all Purple Pill services under the Headjack brand in 2019.

1st camera prototype

1st funding round

We sent a few paragraphs outlining our ideas for the business to some people we knew, initially just for feedback, and within a week we had enough money on our account to get started!

Open-sourced v2 camera design

1st app created for a client

We built a Cardboard app for VR Gorilla, powered by the very first version of our CMS, and launched it in the Google Play store.

Launch AppFactory

Our first attempt at a web interface for our CMS.

2nd funding round

The goal became finding a scalable business model, and so we doubled down on our CMS, now called Headjack.

Headjack closed beta

We let the first 100 users into our platform, and used their feedback to prepare for a public launch.

Headjack public launch

3rd funding round

The previous round funded the development of Headjack, now we had to get some users in.

Launch Cinema feature

Finished 50th production

Producing 360º video is the R&D for Headjack, so we keep doing that to know what features are needed.

Watch showreel

Removed watermark

We removed the watermark from our Free plan to allow anyone to build their first app for free.

4th funding round

The focus for this round is to optimize our sales funnel and fund the development of the next generation of Headjack.

Headjack v3

We're rewriting Headjack from the ground up, and when it's done, it will be even more powerful and versatile than it is today.

Watch the teaser

Connect with us

If you wish to know more about us or the company, feel free to get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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