How to add spatial audio to your 360º videos in Headjack

Spatial audio makes 360º videos way more immersive, which is why a great audio experience has always been a priority for us. We support TBE audio for downloaded videos, and AmbiX for streamed videos. This is how it works: Download & install the free Facebook Spatial Workstation Open the FB360Encoder and load it with your spatial

Sideload to Oculus Go

How to sideload 360º videos to your Oculus Go

The Oculus Go does not contain extremely strong hardware, but because the hardware is exclusively used to run VR, without the overhead of a phone, it is capable of some pretty impressive video playback (read: up to 4096×4096@60fps HEVC videos). This article explains how you can easily transfer your 360º videos to your Oculus Go.

Best 3D model file format for your augmented reality applications

The Best 3D Model File Format for your AR Applications

The sheer abundance of 3D modeling tools and file formats is overwhelming, and picking the best 3D model format for your AR application can therefore be rather frustrating and confusing. Every file format has different features and limitations, some can only be exported from specific (and expensive) software tools, and not all of them can

Create first VR app for free with Headjack

Create your first VR app for free!

As a software as a service company, Headjack generates revenue from monthly subscription payments. However, people obviously want to try before they buy. There are several options in this case, for example: 30-day trial period of the full product, like Adobe Free until certain usage limits, like Amazon AWS and MailChimp Free until a certain

Radiant Images partners with Headjack

Radiant Images Partners with Headjack

When Hollywood needs a high-end VR rig or custom built technology, they contact Radiant Images. That’s why we are proud to announce that Radiant Images has officially partnered with Headjack to give their premium clientele access to an easy, fast and reliable way to distribute their VR content in the highest possible quality. This partnership

HEVC, H.265, VP9, VP10, Dalaa, and the future of video codecs

HEVC, VP9 and The Future of Video Codecs

I recently compared the encoding settings used by several leading VR distribution platforms, including YouTube, Jaunt, Littlstar and Samsung VR. The conclusion: apart from YouTube, all of these major platforms still rely on the 14 year old (!!) H.264/AVC codec, instead of the more recent and much more efficient H.265/HEVC or VP9 codecs, resulting in

How to create an Android Keystore file

The following tutorial guides you through the steps to generate a keystore file required to build an Android app for submission to the Google Play Store. We will be using the software KeyStore Explorer to generate the keystore file and Headjack to build the Cardboard VR Play Store App. The screenshots in this tutorial were

[SOLVED] Thread Priority Security Exception on Gear VR

Ever received the annoying “Thread priority security exception. Make sure the APK is signed.” message when trying to open a Gear VR app that did not come from the Oculus Store? Well, there can be three reasons for this message: The app does not contain any Oculus signature (osig) files The app contains Oculus signature files, but