As a software as a service company, Headjack generates revenue from monthly subscription payments. However, people obviously want to try before they buy. There are several options in this case, for example:

  • 30-day trial period of the full product, like Adobe
  • Free until certain usage limits, like Amazon AWS and MailChimp
  • Free until a certain amount of users, like Asana
  • Trial with watermark, like Kolor Autopano
  • Free with feature limitations, like InstaVR

At Headjack, we used a combination of the above, with the main limitation being the watermark. This meant that Free users could use nearly all features free of charge, but their 360º videos would contain an annoying watermark. The idea behind a watermark is of course that users upgrade their account to remove it.

However, we realized that the watermark also stopped many users from giving Headjack a serious try, since the watermark prevented people from actually using their apps in the field. After all, you’re not going to show a prospective client a watermarked video!

This is why we decided to make a bold change, and remove the watermark from our Free plans altogether. This means that you can now create a fully functional, white-label VR app for exactly $0! That’s right, your first app is on us 🙂

We want our users to become intimately familiar with the platform and how it works, come to trust its fast and convenient workflow, and experience its wide variety of use cases. On top of that, having a royal Free plan means more users who can give us feedback to bring Headjack to the next level.

In addition to opening up our Free plan, we also made the Cinema feature, which allows you to control multiple VR devices at a distance, available for all our plans, including the Free plan (used to be limited to the Studio plan and up). We did this in response to multiple requests from clients who wanted to try Cinema before upgrading, which made a lot of sense to us. In the Free plan, Cinema is limited to 1 device, and in the Pro plan to 3 devices. The Studio and Agency plans allow you to control an unlimited amount of devices at a distance.

We also eliminated another hurdle for new users: the dreaded empty lists! When you created a new Headjack account, there was no example data present in the CMS, so you were faced with empty lists that you needed to fill with your own content before you would be able to truly start testing the platform.

That is why we decided to prefill every new Headjack account with several pieces of example content. The example content, provided by Purple Pill, includes a monoscopic 360º HLS stream, as well as a stereoscopic 360º video with Two Big Ears spatial audio.

We hope our users will enjoy these improvements. If you are ready to create a free VR app, but don’t have a Headjack account yet, then click here to create one now.