Apple dropped a bombshell announcement during WWDC at the 5th of June by finally releasing Apple Vision Pro and VisionOS, opening up a new platform and market for developers and content creators. It’s a game-changing opportunity that’s brimming with excitement! However, targeting a new platform is always complex, especially with Apple; app submissions are required since sideloading is restricted within the Apple ecosystem.

With Apple’s introduction of the M1 chip, apps have become interchangeable between iPhone, iPad, and eventually VisionOS. This groundbreaking development makes getting your app on the Apple App Store highly valuable. By doing so, you can ensure seamless compatibility and accessibility across multiple Apple devices, reaching a broader user base and maximizing the potential impact of your app and content. Since Headjack apps are already Apple App Store Compliant, we can get your product or service up and running quickly.

Now, how can you make the most of this new distribution platform? What challenges will you encounter during the submission process? And how can you maximize your chances of success with your very first app submission?

When it comes to making the most of this new distribution platform, overcoming submission challenges, and ensuring success with your first app submission, we understand the concerns you may have. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our Headjack Co-Pilot Program, designed to provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the app submission process. Our co-pilot program allows you to navigate your app submissions more efficiently and confidently, ensuring a smoother experience within the Apple ecosystem. Say goodbye to overwhelming hurdles and hello to a streamlined journey toward app success. 

For a single flat fee, we offer personalized guidance throughout the app distribution process in Apple’s ecosystem, ensuring a seamless experience in just a month. With our proven track record of assisting numerous customers in app distribution through Apple’s ecosystem, we are well-equipped to help you navigate VisionOS submission when the time comes.

We have limited spots available each month to ensure that each customer receives personal attention. Please don’t wait; seize this opportunity while it’s hot! Reserve your spot now by reaching out below.

What does the program cost?

Each co-pilot program seat starts at $5000, encompassing one store submission to a store of choice (other supported stores are Meta App Lab, Android Play, Steam, Pico, or HTC). Since all of Headjack Essential Templates are store compliant, and we went over the process many times during the last couple of years, we can keep the cost extremely competitive. However, please note that the price may vary in cases where the submission becomes more intricate or complex or your app is not built with our core technology, like our Essential App templates or SDK, at the heart of your application design.

Our primary aim is to empower you to navigate the app distribution process successfully, ensuring you understand the procedure thoroughly along the way. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary knowledge and expertise so that you can confidently handle future submissions without relying on our assistance repeatedly. By guiding you through the process and providing valuable insights, we aim to make you self-sufficient, minimizing the need for our services in the future.

What more is included in the Flat Fee?

What will we be working on with you?

During the Headjack Co-Pilot program, we will cover various essential topics to ensure successful app distribution, including setting up your Apple Developer Account and Headjack Account for iOS, iPadOS, and VisionOS. We will also guide you through content and store art asset review, app signing, and selecting the appropriate Apple distribution method for your use case and devices. Additionally, we will provide insights on effectively utilizing Apple TestFlight for testing, conducting Apple device testing, and navigating your first app submission. Our services will extend to offering technical support throughout the Apple App Store review process, as well as valuable advice on cross-platform marketing strategies and driving app installations.

What are the things we will help you with?

To kickstart the process, we will conduct an intake assessment of your app to determine its compliance with Apple’s guidelines. This crucial step allows us to ensure that your app aligns with the necessary requirements before delving into the subsequent topics.

  1. Setting up your Apple Developer Account or Enterprise AccountThis involves creating an account with Apple’s Developer Program, which grants you access to resources, tools, and documentation necessary for developing and distributing apps on Apple platforms.
  2. Headjack Account setup for iOS, iPadOS, and VisionOS: This entails setting up a Headjack account specifically tailored for iOS, iPadOS, and VisionOS development. It may involve configuring account settings, provisioning profiles, and other necessary steps to ensure compatibility with Apple’s platforms.
  3. How to prepare for VisionOS: We will help you setup your apps for the release of VisionOS later this year.
  4. Content Review: Apple conducts a review process to ensure that apps meet their guidelines and policies. This step involves evaluating the content, functionality, and compliance of your app with Apple’s standards.
  5. Store Art Asset Review: Apple reviews the visual assets of your app, such as icons, screenshots, and app previews, to ensure they meet their guidelines for quality and appropriateness.
  6. App Signing: App signing involves the generation and management of cryptographic signatures for your app, which are necessary for security and to prove the authenticity of your app when it is installed on users’ devices.
  7. Pick the right Apple distribution method for your use case and devices: Apple offers various distribution methods, such as the App Store, enterprise distribution, or ad hoc distribution. Choosing the appropriate method depends on factors like your target audience, business model, and device compatibility.
  8. Using Apple TestFlight effectively: TestFlight is Apple’s platform for beta testing apps. This topic covers how to utilize TestFlight effectively to distribute pre-release versions of your app to testers, gather feedback, and perform thorough testing before launching it to the public.
  9. Apple Device testing: Ensuring your app functions seamlessly across different Apple devices is crucial. This topic focuses on testing your app on various devices to identify and resolve any device-specific issues.
  10. Your first App submission: This covers the process of submitting your app to Apple for review and distribution on the App Store. It includes preparing the necessary app information, meeting submission requirements, and navigating the submission process.
  11. Technical support with the Apple App Store review team: Sometimes, you may encounter issues or require assistance during the app review process. This topic involves providing guidance and support to address any technical queries or challenges that may arise.
  12. Cross-platform Marketing: This topic delves into strategies and techniques for promoting your app across multiple platforms, reaching a wider audience, and maximizing its visibility and user acquisition potential.
  13. App Monetization: We also acknowledge the significance of in-app monetization. We will guide you in exploring various monetization options, such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertisements, to help you maximize revenue while ensuring a positive user experience.
  14. How to drive app installs: This focuses on effective marketing and promotional strategies to drive app installations, including app store optimization (ASO), advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and other user acquisition tactics to increase app downloads and engagement.

If you have any question or want more information about the Headjack Co-Pilot Program please reach out to us below!