This weekend the Dutch soccer team PSV won the Eredivisie championship duel and we were there to capture this powerful moment in VR!
Three days before the championship match between PSV and SC Heerenveen we received a call with the request to film the ceremony in 360 3D. Obviously we jumped on this exciting project!
PSV Kampioen 2015
Organizing a championship ceremony is a massive logistical challenge, and last-minute we had to be squeezed into it. Fortunately everyone was extremely helpful and we got nearly unlimited access, even to normally off-limit locations like the playing field and the roof of the eco-toilet on the back of the truck that drove the partying players through the cheering crowd in the city of Eindhoven.
PSV Eindhoven vs SC Heerenveen 4-1
We only had one chance to capture the most important moments, like when the team captain lifted the championship bowl into the air or when the truck entered the town square where thousands of raving fans were singing the club songs. Everything had to work, and it did. The result is amazing! PSV fans will be able to relive the championship ceremony from the eyes of the players. Moments like this is what VR video is made for!
This project was a massive stress test, but our cam technology proved up to the challenge! We can’t wait to see what’s next..