Last year our focus was on adding new features, like streaming spatial audio and supporting custom FOV videos, but in this latest release we shifted the focus to you, the user. We asked ourselves how we could make the process of building an app as smooth and as fast as possible, especially for first-time users.

Open Headjack today and you’ll notice dramatic changes in each step of the process. Creating apps and projects is now way more straightforward. Uploads are exponentially faster. And the new lock feature allows you to collaborate more securely. Read on to find out about our updates to Headjack, focused on providing a frictionless app building experience.

Streamlined app building process

In the past, you had to make your way through several separate pages to put your app together. Now, all actions, from uploading media and creating projects, to configuring and building your app, have been brought together on a single page. We also added instructions at every step of the way, so you’ll never be wondering “what now?” ever again.

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Lightning fast uploads

VR videos are BIG, and therefore upload speeds need to be fast. We managed to increase uploads speeds 50 times, which allows you to upload several gigabytes in under a minute! We also offloaded several time consuming tasks to significantly speed up saving apps and projects.

Improved collaboration

When you are working on a big project, there will often be multiple people working in one Headjack account simultaneously. When someone then edits or deletes something in the account, this can have unforeseen consequences. Our new lock feature allows you to lock projects and media items, to prevent them from accidentally being altered or removed.

All this and so much more

On top of all of the improvement above, our developers managed to push over 150 performance, stability and workflow enhancements, as well as add support for the Vive Wave SDK and native Pico SDK, which adds support for the Vive Focus and Pico headsets. In the upcoming month we have more exciting updates planned, among which a completely re-engineered Cinema feature including a tablet controller app, as well as several shiny new templates.

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