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The EYE Film Museum has a lot of kids that come to visit, and who want to know what it is like to be on a movie set. How can we give those kids that experience?


What if we could not just place kids on a movie set, but also let them follow the story from the eyes of a certain crew member? We decided that a branching VR video would be able to achieve this objective. An app also needed to be developed, and this app needed to run fulltime in the museum without supervision.


The video we produced started with an introduction, after which viewers could pick to follow the story of the camera operator, gaffer, or sound engineer. We developed this interactive experience for Oculus Rift, and an idiot-proof piece of furniture was created to house the computer and the VR headset. Each time a user would put the headset on, the experience would start from scratch. Explanations were incorporated into the experience itself. This experience has been running in the museum ever since.

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