T-Mobile sponsored a big music festival in The Netherlands called “The Flying Dutch”, which takes place in 3 cities at the same time, and DJ’s are constantly flown by helicopter from one city to the next. How can we let people have the experience to be live on stage with the DJ in any of those cities?


It was clear from the start we needed VR cameras on the main stage in each of the three cities, which should stream the performance live to a bunch of VR headsets present on the festival terrain. People should then be given the choice which city they wanted to be in, and then the live stream from that city should start, and they would be on stage with the DJ which was then performing.


We purchased 3 complete VR live streaming setups, including cameras, cables, laptops, powerful wifi routers, and cloud streaming servers. T-Mobile arranged big tents on the festival terrains, as well as 70 Huawei phones + headsets to play back the streams in a custom Google Cardboard app we created for this event. Hundreds of people watched the streams successfully, and T-Mobile hired us to stream 4 other music festivals that summer.

T-Mobile case study

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