Waffle case study


Waffle produced several hilarious VR animation videos which were distributed through a Gear VR app. The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi was very interested in getting Waffle’s content featured on their MiVR platform, but Waffle’s current app did not work on the MiVR headset, the content needed to be translated, and the Great Firewall blocked the servers on which their content was hosted.


Waffle put us in touch with Xiaomi, and they sent us a MiVR headset so we could start development. We would re-create Waffle’s Gear VR app as a Headjack app, and make it work with MiVR. It was also decided to host the video and image files on a Chinese server, so that they wouldn’t be blocked by China’s firewall.


We developed a custom app for Waffle which matched their original design, and we implemented translated texts and icons. We then uploaded all their files to Headjack, downloaded the entire file and folder structure from our server, and then worked with KingSoft to host all those files on a Chinese server. We then pointed the app to this new server, et voila! The app ran on MiVR and streamed the videos from the KingSoft server without a problem. Headjack’s first Chinese app was a fact!

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