How to create a 360º video app with Headjack

Headjack allows you to easily create and manage 360º video apps to distribute your content to the various VR headsets in the highest possible quality. But what steps do you need to take to create your own fully functioning, multi-platform app? Read on to learn just that!     Sign up The first step is

How to publish an Oculus Rift app to the Oculus Store

Oculus Rift, the headset that re-ignited the virtual reality hype. While more and more Rift games, apps, and experiences are being released every day, their documentation is not always as clear as you might like it to be when it comes to figuring out how to publish your own app to the public, especially since

How to publish a Google Cardboard app for iOS to the App Store

While Google Cardboard has support for iOS, the VR experience is less than ideal, especially on older iPhones, since Apple has put a software limitation in place which limits the maximum playable video resolution to 1080p. Hardly enough pixels for a realistic looking VR video. Apple just seems to have the unfortunate habit of making

How to publish a Google Cardboard app for Android to Google Play

Google has big plans with its Daydream platform, which brings low-latency VR to Android, and includes controllers and Daydream-ready hardware. However, for experiences which only require a simple headset and run fine on lower-end phones, Google Cardboard is still a good option. This tutorial guides you through the process of publishing a Google Cardboard app

How to publish a Gear VR app to the Oculus Store

During the early days of consumer VR, the Samsung Gear VR has reigned supreme. It is affordable, does not require cables and a bulky PC, and works great for viewing 360º video experiences. Gear VR will probably remain an important headset, at least until Google’s Daydream platform reaches the masses. Gear VR is a collaboration

How to distribute an Oculus Rift app outside of the Oculus Store

Where iOS requires signing Certificates, and Gear VR requires strange osig files, it is relatively easy to distribute an Oculus Rift app outside of the Oculus Store. You simply export your app as an EXE file — In Headjack you can export your app as EXE by selecting Local as Distribution Channel and then Oculus