Your own app

Distribute your content in a unique, standalone package instead of in a channel inside someone else’s app.

Brand your app

Modify the style, icon and theme of your app to make it fit your brand perfectly.

Professional templates

Choose from one of the many available templates, or upload your own to the Headjack Marketplace.

Web-based app manager

Build apps without writing a single line of code using our intuitive web interface.

Stream or download

Give your users the option to either download your content in the highest possible quality, or directly watch an adaptive stream.

Launch quickly

You finished your production and need to launch the content within a just few days? With Headjack you can.

Comprehensive analytics

Track how many views each of your videos receive, and find out what your users focus on with our heatmap viewer.

Powered by Unity

Our apps run on the popular Unity game engine, giving them a stable, constantly-improving foundation.

Edit Unity source code

You have full access to the source code of your app, making it easy to customize every aspect of the app experience.

Mix video and game

Unity allows you to mix 360º video with interactive game elements and 3D objects, enabling a whole new type of VR experience.

Elaborate API

A comprehensive list of functions allows you to quickly build your own VR video app from scratch, manageable through Headjack.

Invite your developers

Give your developers access to your Headjack account so they can assist you in creating the perfect app.

Multi-platform exports

Export your app with just one click for Oculus Rift, Gear VR or any of the other currently available VR platforms.

Local or store apps

Whether you need an app for a one-time event, or one you want to distribute in the app stores, Headjack can do it all.

Seamless hosting

Headjack securely hosts your media files and makes them available worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Security, speed and uptime

Your files are securely stored on a Google Cloud server, ensuring lightning fast download speeds and maximum uptime.

Automatic transcoding

We take care of the hassle of transcoding your high-res files to the optimal resolution for the various VR platforms.

Quick testing

With Headjack it is easy to create and manage several versions of the same app for quick testing and iteration.

Stereoscopic 360º support

Playback of both 360º monoscopic as well as 360º stereoscopic over/under videos is supported.

Spatial audio

Add an extra layer of immersion by uploading your Two Big Ears ambisonic audio.

Plans for every budget

Start with a free account to test the waters, and upgrade to a paid account which grows with you to remove the watermark.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any time, so you don’t have to be stuck with us forever.

Fast support

The Headjack support team is available 24/7 through email. Click here to contact our support team.

Detailed documentation

Find step-by-step tutorials and user guides on our support page. Click here to visit the support page.

Own your content

The apps you create and the content you upload are yours and always will be.

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