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360 video player user interface

360 Video app templates

360 Video XR Essentials

Over the last couple of years, we listened carefully to our customers and the problems they encountered distributing their immersive video content. Our Essential templates are designed as a definitive solution for all problems you encounter during production and distribution of 360, 180 and other video content.

We have developed templates for use cases like VR cinemas, VR portfolios, VR kiosks, and much more. All of our templates are multi-platform, so whichever XR device you are using, we got the perfect template to do the job.

360 video kiosk player template

VR Kiosk Player

VR Demos Made Simple

Do you need to show your videos to large groups of people or leave your VR headsets unattended? VR Kiosk is the perfect template for the job. This app is designed to be frictionless for the end-user with features like auto-repeat and auto-reset. You can either choose between a gaze-controlled menu or a looping playlist.

  • User Interface for an audience with no VR experience
  • Easy set-up with automatic downloading
  • Project playlists
  • Gaze-controlled menus
  • Auto-play and auto-reset
  • No instructor required

VR cinema video player

Play XR video in Full Sync

Setup a VR cinema with synced playback in no time. By simply starting up the app on a VR device you’ll have full control over what your audience gets to see using our web-interface. Play, pause or stop videos, and even send messages to all devices at the same exact time. The latest update supports the Headjack Operator app to control cinema apps directly from an iPad on local networks.

  • Synced playback
  • Customizable UI for foolproof setup
  • Works with Operator tablet app
  • Web interface available
  • Offline mode
VR 360 cinema player
VR 360 video portfolio template

VR grid video player

Showcase Multiple VR Projects

This is our most elegant template to showcase multiple pieces of content in an easy to use interface. You’ll have the ability to add artwork to display your project in a beautiful way. This is one of the most complete templates, with everything from full customizability to user-selectable subtitle support.

  • Beautiful UI with lots of room for extra content
  • Category system
  • Can hold an unlimited number of projects
  • Works with Headjack Link app

VR mobile video player

Flat VR and Cardboard Design for Android and IPhone

Specifically designed for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and Android Phones. This mobile template is perfect for viewings without a headset. You’ll be able to switch between fullscreen 360 and cardboard 360 viewing.

  • Easy logo placement and branding options
  • Easy publishing to the stores
  • Category system
  • User Interface with lots of room for extra content
mobile 360 video player
video player for AR devices

AR/VR/MR Video

coming soon

Tag Videos in Your Augmented Reality Apps

Go beyond 360 videos and turn every object or surface into a video wall. We are currently integrating the latest AR SDKs into our apps for optimal tracking and compatibility.

  • ARCore & ARKit Integration
  • Vertical and Horizontal Surface Detection
  • Custom AR User Interface
  • AR Video Tagging

Unity XR video player SDK

Set-Up Your Unity Project With our XR Video SDK

For everyone who is new to Unity and wants develops on top of our templates. This is also the template we use for all of our documentation and tutorials.

  • Unity Example Code
  • SDK & Support Docs
  • Headjack Unity Plug-In
  • Video Players Included

Learn more about the XR Video SDK
remote control vr headsets ipad app

Remote control VR headsets

One App to Rule Them All

For our studio clients, it is even possible to download our operator app as a template file for further customization or rebranding. For several studios, Headjack Operator is an essential part of their production workflow.

  • Easy to customize UI
  • Unity Template available
  • Easy to resell
  • Huge timesaver on development
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XR Video App Templates Marketplace

Check Out All VR Video Templates in Our Marketplace

Next to our Essentials, we have several other beautiful templates for a specific look and feature set.

360 video template marketplace

Custom XR template design

Custom 360 Video App Templates

If our pre-designed templates are not what you are looking for or you need some specific functionality, you can always let us design a custom Headjack template for you. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to truly white-label and brand your app if you are not a developer.

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XR Content and App Management

Update Your XR Apps In Real-Time With Our Dedicated CMS

Update the CMS with some fresh content, hit save, and restart your app; it's that simple!

Add, remove, and modify the content of your XR application directly from your Headjack account, no need to rebuild your app or send an update to the app store.

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XR video content management system
XR app creator

XR App Building

Build XR Apps Fast With Unity Cloud Build

Building XR apps can be very technically challenging but not with our Headjack Cloud Build solutions. Create some projects, choose a pre-designed template, select the desired device platform, and hit build, Headjack takes care of the rest.

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