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Prepare your app in no time and deploy it to all VR platforms.

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From one time events to launching in the app stores

Whether you need a simple app to demo your VR content at an event, or plan to create a fully-featured custom app that you want to publish to several app stores, we've got you covered!

Cloud build

Select a template from our marketplace and build an app without writing a single line of code.

Unity integration

Customize an existing template or use our Unity SDK to develop a custom app from scratch.

App development

Need a custom app but don't have a developer? Then let us take care of your project.

Cloud Build

Build VR apps without writing code

Upload your content, prep your app, and build it for any device with just a few clicks, using our web-based app building workflow.

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Create once, deploy anywhere

Configure your app and create unlimited builds for all VR platforms.

Manage app signing credentials

Easily manage app credentials required to build for Gear VR and iOS, or when you want to create a store-ready app.

Keep an overview of app builds

Download previously built apps directly from the builds overview page in your account where we host them for you.


Tackle Any Use Case With One of Our Essential Templates

Whether you need to run a VR cinema, give a 360 demo, or you just want a beautiful home to display your portfolio, we got the template that does the job.

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Unity integration

Develop without constraints with our Unity integration

Download and customize an existing template in Unity, or use our powerful SDK to develop your dream app from scratch.

Connect your editor with your content

Use API keys to pull content from your Headjack account into your Unity editor for a smooth development workflow.

Build with Unity

Export your apps directly from Unity instead of having to wait for your cloud builds to finish.

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Produce custom apps with speed & confidence

Develop apps rapidly and without worrying about key architecture, video players, and multi-platform issues: we've taken care of all that for you!

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App development

Let us help you achieve success

Need a custom app but don't have a developer? Then hire our team of experts to build you a beautiful app, and help you launch it.

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We loved working with the guys at HeadJack! They are a triple threat: fast, reasonably priced, and great to work with!

Michael Ashton
Partner @ Waffle

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