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Combine XR Videos With Spatial Audio, Artwork, and More

Video in any shape or form is one of the driving forces behind a lot of successful VR/AR apps. Leading XR video producers leverage the power of Headjack to distribute their video content to a worldwide audience without having to ever sacrifice on image quality.

With our powerful toolset, you can effortlessly transcode, manage, update, and deliver your videos to a variety of XR devices.

VR Content and App Management

Update Your App Content In Real-Time

Update the CMS with some fresh content, hit save, and restart your app; it's that simple!

Add, remove, and modify the content of your XR application directly from your Headjack account, no need to rebuild your app or send an update to the app store.

VR Content and App Management


360°, 180° or a custom FOV

We have support for most popular immersive video formats, and if you're using something exotic, set your custom FOV directly from the platform.

Mono and Stereoscopic support

Videos can be played back in both monoscopic or stereoscopic 3D over/under or side-by-side layout.


Add user-selectable subtitles in multiple languages to increase the reach of your content.

Live Streams

Directly add HLS URLs of a live stream or a VOD stream to your apps.

Standard video formats coming soon

Looking to add some regular video formats to your app? We have support for all standard video aspect ratios like 16x9, 1x1, or 4x3, for example.

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VR Content and App Management



The Two Big Ears TBE format is an 8+2 channels format employed by Facebook's Spatial Workstation, and it can be uploaded independently from the video for fast iteration cycles.


Audio format typically used during post-production and an option for streaming purposes.

Headlocked Stereo

Include a normal stereo track in to your 360 video files

VR Content and App Management

Images and Metadata

Video Thumbnails

No UI/UX is complete without beautiful artwork; that is why we added support for both .png and .jpeg image formats.

App Icons and Splash Images

first impressions matter; that is why you can always set custom/branded app icons and splash screens to all of your white label apps.

Titles and Descriptions

Give background information on your videos and make your videos easy to find.

Headjack Link

Easily Share or Review Your Work With Headjack Link

Access all of your content stored in the Headjack CMS by connecting the link app to your project with a simple 6 digit access code.

We designed the Link application to integrate with the Headjack platform seamlessly. Select a template inside the Headjack CMS for your app, connect the Link app using the PIN code available on your app page, and voila you're ready to go.

VR Content and App Management

Collaborate with your entire production team

One person doesn't produce exceptional video content. That is why you can invite your video editor, art designer, audio engineer, and your client all to the same Headjack account for frictionless collaboration.

VR Content and App Management

Manage large asset bundles

Lock projects and media items

When apps are live, this is a life-saving function, trust us!

Folders, projects, and version control

No CMS is complete without optimized file structuring tools that correspond with a typical video production workflow.

Keep track of multiple apps at the same time

When you have apps for several clients, or you are running more than one project at a time, it's easy to lose track. Not with Headjack since we designed it to help you keep track of all your running projects and apps

Access and review all your files on any device

With our easy to use web interface, it is possible to review your work on any device with an internet connection.

360 Video Transcoding

Video Transcoding For Any XR Platform

We know how important image quality is to our customers and their clients; that is why we have several cloud solutions to satisfy even the most pixel critical end-users.

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360 Video Transcoding

Pick One of Our Profiles for Maximum Compatibility

We have several video transcoding profiles that we specifically created for use on a wide variety of VR Headsets and mobile devices.

Cloud encoding is available for the following resolutions 5.7K, 5.2K, 4K, and streaming HLS video formats up to UHD.

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360 Video Transcoding

Full Control Over Image Quality with Your Original Video File

By selecting the "Use Original" profile, you can optimize every aspect of your video for final distribution.

Set your resolutions, bitrates, and codec directly in your editing application and avoid any quality loss due to the re-encoding of your video by our platform.

360 Video Transcoding

Download for Highest Quality playback

For users who wants to show their videos in the highest quality possible, we always recommend downloading the video to the device first.

Headjack has several options to force downloads on start-up or to package the video entirely inside the distributable app package.

Host Live VR Event With our 360 Video Streaming Solutions

Directly add HLS URLs of a live stream or a VOD stream to your apps for instant playback on any VR Headset.

360 Video Transcoding

360 videos in your browser with WebVR

Integrate 360 videos on your website with only a single line of code with our WebVR plugin.

360 Video Transcoding

Integrate your XR Applications With our Unity SDK

With the Headjack Unity Plug-in, it has never been easier to build entirely custom XR video applications from scratch. Check out our developer page for more info.

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XR video hosting

Rock-solid Up- and Download Architecture

We've spent several years perfecting our up- and download logic so it can handle even the largest video files, no matter the quality of the network connection.

If you have access to high-speed broadband or fiber, we can upload at blazingly fast speeds to speed up your production workflow.

XR video hosting

CloudFront CDN for global video distribution

For maximum download speeds in your apps, we place copies of your videos on servers around the globe after you've uploaded them to the CMS, guaranteeing maximum stability and download speeds on every corner of the globe.

XR video hosting

Use Your Own Server for ultimate Safety

Want to keep complete control of where and how your video content is stored and hosted? Headjack can work with you on a custom solution to utilize your servers for video hosting, while you continue to benefit from all other Headjack features like customizable white-label apps, multi-platform support, and analytics.

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