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Combine 360º video with audio, artwork, and metadata

360º video is one of the driving forces behind VR. The leading 360º video producers leverage VR apps to distribute their content to a worldwide audience in the highest possible quality.

Make sure your content shines, easily update your app content, and reach a mass audience.

Automated Transcoding

Make sure your content is always viewed in the highest possible quality on each target device.

Content Management

Organize, structure, and update your app content on the fly through an easy-to-use web interface.

Content Delivery

Host your content securely, and deliver it to a worldwide audience with lightning fast speed.

Optimal transcoding for each platform

Your content deserves to be viewed in the best possible quality. When you upload your files to Headjack, our highly optimized transcoding pipeline makes sure your content plays smoothly on all devices, while maintaining the best possible image quality by using advanced codecs.

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Our transcoding process prepares your video for adaptive streaming, so it plays on any device with any internet connection.


We also create a high resolution, high bitrate downloadable version for offline plackback of your video in the best possible quality.

Content management

Update your app content on the fly

Add, remove, and modify the content of your app in realtime directly from your Headjack account, without having to re-build your app.

Manage all your assets in one place

360º video

Upload equirectangular 360º monoscopic and stereoscopic videos in any resolution and codec.

Spatial audio

Add TBE audio to your downloaded videos and AmbiX to your streams.


Manage thumbnails for your videos, as well as app icons and splash images.

(Live) streams

Directly add HLS urls of a live stream or a VOD stream to your apps.

Enrich your videos with metadata

Manage titles, descriptions, and categories for your videos, as well as thumbnails and spatial audio, which can all be updated in realtime.

Collaborate by inviting users to your account

At Channel 4 we are very impressed with the power of Headjack and what it can do for our brands. The team is highly knowledgeable, which gives us and our stakeholders the confidence to further explore this new medium.

Nicholas Lyster
Head of R&D @ Channel 4 Television Corporation

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Content delivery

Deliver your content at lightning speeds

Securely host your files on our Amazon cloud server, and we will deliver them worldwide at lightning speed through the Cloudfront CDN network.

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Reach users on all platforms

Distribute your content to any VR device and keep your content synched between platforms.

Hold synchronized group viewings

Remote Control an unlimited number of devices

Start playing a video on multiple VR devices simultaneously, directly from the Cinema control page in your Headjack account.

Work with teams and clients around the world

Organize synced viewings with clients and teammates on the other side of the globe to enhance your content review process.

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A powerful content management system for VR

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