We heard you like free stuff!

So we open-sourced some of our in-house production tools. Learn why we made them by reading our blog or check out our YouTube channel for full product videos.

XR app sideloader

Drag and Drop Solution for APK installs

Easily sideload APK files to your VR Headsets or Android Devices.

Download for:

OSX and Windows


learn how to sideload apk
Headjack Operator

One Device To Rule Them All

Control, prepare, and maintain an unlimited number of headsets. If you need to set up a VR Cinema or control and manage large headset fleets, Operator is the app to do it.

Download for:

iPad Android tablet


Set up operator


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remote control for XR devices
Unity integration

Develop faster with our Headjack Unity SDK

Use one of our pre-designed templates as a starting point, or start from scratch without having to reinvent the wheel.

more developer tools


download unity SDK
headjack unity sdk
360 video crash cource
Cinematic VR crash course

Join over 25.000 VR filmmakers

For everyone who wants to learn more about 360 video production and its terminology. A perfect starting point for students, new hires, or anyone who want to know more about 360 video production in general.

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360 video encoding

Automate your encoding or set custom profiles with FFmpeg

Easily encode large numbers of 360 videos to the most common 360 video formats with our simple VRencoder.

Download for:

OSX and Windows


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Use our FFmpeg cheat sheet if you want to take full control over your 360 video encoding process.

FFmpeg cheat sheet on Github
360 video vr encoder
vr video prototyper
webvr UI/UX Mock-Up

Mock-Up and share VR UI/UX designs

Upload your 2D design for viewing in web browser for faster iterations and easy communication with clients and development teams.

Start prototyping