One Device to rule them all

Control, prepare, and maintain an unlimited number of headsets with a simple to use tablet app.

The All-In-One Solution for Remote Controlling VR Headsets

Headjack Operator was developed to serve a number of use cases every 360 video production company encounters at some point. Whether you need to prepare 100 headsets for a viewing, your client needs to review your 360 content but doesn’t know how to use a headset, or you are asked to organize a VR screening at a high traffic location or expo.

Headjack Operator is the all-in-one solution for control and playback of 360 video, all from a simple and clean tablet interface.

360 Synced Playback

Remote control multiple VR headsets, all in perfect sync.

Content Review

Preview your 360 content with our dedicated 360 playback solutions.

Set-up and Maintenance

Maintain, prepare, and update large VR headset fleets right from your fingertips.

synced 360 video playback

VR Sync Playback on an Unlimited number of headsets

Operator is built to remote control an unlimited number of headsets for use in VR Cinemas or 360 video screenings. Our dedicated VR sync solutions makes sure all of your 360 videos stay in sync even when network conditions are not ideal.

Remote Control VR Headsets

Device Overview

See what your users are seeing with the VR video playback overview solution.

Simple User Interface

After set-up, Operator can be used by anyone, no technical background required.

VR Headset synchronization and setup

Stable and Sync under all network conditions

Once Operator is set-up, it only needs a local wifi network to send its commands and keep everything in sync. Network infrastructure can be easily upscaled depending on the number of headsets that need to be controlled.

Setup documentation

Set up your VR sync solution in no time

Read this blog to learn how to set up your own fleet of synced VR headsets and get ready for deployment to even the highest traffic locations and most demanding events.

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Access with only 6 digits

360º videos / Ambisonic audio

Check out different versions of your 360 video content, even when you don’t have a headset present.

Images / Thumbnails / Descriptions

Review how additional content like descriptions and artwork are displayed in your VR application.

coming soon

Regular video formats

Add regular video to 360 project and review them on your iPad before they go live in your VR application.

coming soon

Live streams

Check the stability of your live stream or review multiple 360 live streams at once.

coming soon

AR video tags

Watch video come to live with our AR video tagging system.

Designed To Handle High Traffic Locations

With detailed headset info, like battery status and device temperature, connection/playback status, and device logging, you can spot problems with your headsets very early and take action before they become an issue.

Prepare, Maintain and Update

We have built power features that make managing large headset fleets a breeze, even when they have to go offline once in a while.

Download commands

Send download commands to specific headsets or to all at once to easily set up devices before events or screenings.

Offline Analytics

All the analytics are stored on the devices when they are offline, and synced with our server when they are connected to the internet.

Sync content with Operator

Every headset that connects will automatically start downloading the content stored on the Operator App.

Quick Start

The perfect solution when non-technical users are using the operator app. Just click the thumbnail and the video will start playing without any friction.

360 content Review

Pair it with the Essential Templates or the Link App

Download our Headjack Link app for frictionless install and 360 video playback, or cloud build one our templates specifically tailored to your use case.

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Streamline your content review process across devices

Easily share, build, and review 360 video across multiple platforms. From iPad to desktop, we've got you covered.

Purple Pill

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Headjack originated from Purple Pill, our VR production/R&D studio we started back in 2014. We've always had a strong focus on high quality 360 video and custom app development, and made significant contributions to the community by sharing our insights through our blogs and helping out other VR production studios by open sourcing a lot of our in-house production tools.

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