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360 Essentials

Over the last couple of years, we listened carefully to our customers and the problems they encountered distributing their 360 video content. Our Essential templates are designed as a definitive solution for all problems you encounter during production and distribution of 360 video content.

We have developed templates for use-cases like VR cinemas, portfolios, kiosks, and much more. All of our templates are multi-platform, so whichever device you are using, we got the perfect template to do the job.

360 video templates

From VR Kiosks to dedicated 360 video app templates for mobile devices, we have a template for every use case.

App updates

Our VR templates are customizable directly from the Headjack CMS, or can be used in offline mode when there is no stable internet connection.

Review and Build

Hook-up our Link app to your CMS, or build without writing a single line of code through our Unity Cloud Build service.

Headjack Link

Frictionless content distribution with our Link Application

Access all of your 360 content stored in the Headjack CMS by connecting the link app to your project with a simple 6 digit access code. Our Link app is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Headjack platform. Select a template inside the Headjack CMS for your app, connect your Link app with the PIN code, and it will automatically load the chosen template and content right to that specific application.


First Impressions Matter
Why Great Design is Essential

Use the Essentials to get a head start on your next VR project by using them as a stand-alone application, or as a starting point for designing your own custom Unity Templates with an Essential at its core. Check out which Essential works best for your use case in our Template Marketplace.

VR Kiosk

Demos made simple

Do you need to show your content to large groups of people or leave your headsets unattended? Kiosk is the perfect template for the job. This app is designed to be frictionless for the end-user with features like auto-repeat and auto-reset. You can either choose between a gaze-controlled menu or a looping playlist.

  • User Interface for an audience with no VR experience
  • Easy set-up with automatic downloading
  • Project playlists
  • Gaze-controlled menus
  • Auto-play and auto-reset
  • No instructor required
VR cinema

Remote control an unlimited number of devices

Setup a VR cinema with synced playback in no-time. By simply starting up the app on a VR device you’ll have full control over what your audience gets to see using our web-interface. Play, pause or stop videos, and even send messages to all devices at the same exact time. The latest update includes the ‘Operator App’ to control cinema apps directly from an iPad and on local networks.

  • Synced playback
  • Customizable UI for foolproof setup
  • Works with Operator app
  • Web interface available
  • Offline mode
VR grid

Showcase multiple projects

This is our most elegant template to showcase multiple pieces of content in an easy to use interface. You’ll have the ability to add artwork to display your project in a beautiful way. In our planned update (Q4 2019) you’ll be able to add extra content, like video trailers and additional thumbnails to make your app really stand out.

  • Beautiful UI with lots of room for extra content
  • Category system
  • Can hold an unlimited number of projects
  • Works with Headjack Link App
VR mobile

Flat and cardboard design for Android and iPhone

Specifically designed for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and Android Phones. This mobile template is perfect for viewings without a headset. You’ll be able to switch between fullscreen 360 and cardboard 360 viewing.

  • Easy logo placement and branding options
  • Easy publishing to the stores
  • Category system
  • User Interface with lots of room for extra content
VR template design

Custom 360 Video Templates

If our pre-designed templates are not what you are looking for, or there is some specific functionality missing, you can always let us design a custom Headjack template for you. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to truly white-label and brand your app if you are not a developer.

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Check out all templates in our Marketplace

Next to our Essentials, we have several other beautiful templates for specific a look and feature set.

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Set your first steps in 360 video production with our comprehensive Udemy video course. Learn everything you need to know for your very first 360 video shoot.

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Easily share, build, and review 360º video across multiple platforms. From iPad to desktop, we've got you covered!

Headjack Operator

Control VR apps with Operator

Headjack Operator was developed to serve a number of use cases every 360 video production company encounters. Whether you need to prepare 100 headsets for a viewing, your client needs to review your 360 content but doesn’t know how to use a headset, or you are asked to organize a VR screening at a high traffic location or expo.

Headjack Operator is the all-in-one solution you can go to for control and playback of 360 video, all from a simple and clean tablet interface.

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Reach a global audience across devices

Distribute your content to any VR device and to any app store, with just a few clicks.

Purple Pill

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Headjack originated from Purple Pill, our VR production/R&D studio we started back in 2014. We've always had a strong focus on high quality 360 video and custom app development, and made significant contributions to the community by sharing our insights through our blogs and helping out other VR production studios by open sourcing a lot of our in-house production tools.

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