VR,AR,MR Video Unity SDK

no Build restrictions with the Unity Video SDK

Developers no longer have to worry about key architecture and multi-platform video playback thanks to our powerful Unity SDK and video infrastructure.

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Unity plugin video player SDK

XR Unity SDK

A CMS For All Your Unity Video Apps

The Unity game engine is excellent for developing games, but less for apps that need continuous updates of content since they always require app updates. By hooking up the Headjack CMS to your Unity project, you can always push fresh videos to your app in real-time.

XR Unity SDK Features

Start Crafting Your Own Fully Branded XR Experiences From Scratch

With our suite of integration development tools, it's now super easy to hook up the Headjack CMS to the widely popular Unity Game Engine. Headjack can serve as your rock-solid back end for more complex or custom video apps. On top of that, you don't need to worry about SDK integrations or video playback since we already laid the groundwork for you as a developer.

Multi-platform XR video player

Play 4K video with spatial audio on Android, Windows, and iOS using our built-in video player.

Content Download manager

Download all relevant video, audio, and image files into your app with a single function call.

Metadata handler

Use handy functions to retrieve titles, descriptions, thumbnails and other project metadata.

XR Input utilities

Build a UI that works with any VR controller, without having to deal with mapping buttons to actions.

SDK Templates

Start With Simple Templates or Customize UI/UX

Whether you need a simple app to demo your XR content at an event, or plan to create a fully-featured custom app that you want to publish to several app stores, we've got you covered!

With our Headjack Developer SDK, you can focus on building great experiences without limits.

XR Unity SDK

Build With Our Open API and Dedicated XR Unity SDK

Since you can now harness the full power of a game engine, this opens up endless possibilities for you to create fully interactive and beautifully styled VR video apps.

Mix in 3D models, create branching storylines or build in a questionnaire, there is virtually no limit in what you can build.

API Documentation
Headjack SDK API
Download functions Headjack Player SDK

XR Multi-platform video player

Handy download functions

Download single or multiple assets and get their download progress using powerful multi-platform download manager.

VR-ready video players for all supported platforms

Video players for Windows, Android and iOS are included with the SDK, with 4K+ video support and supporting many common VR video projections.

Hardware capabilities check

The Headjack SDK checks your device's maximum playback capabilities and downloads the appropriate video, so you are certain your video will play.

Spatial Audio Support

The two common spatial audio formats supported on all platforms: first-order AmbiX audio embedded in the video or separate second-order TBE audio.

SRT subtitle support

Download and display subtitles under your VR videos using the SDK's built-in SRT subtitle file support.

XR Input utilities

Template variables

Add custom metadata, like text or files, to templates and projects to enable users to customize their app directly from the CMS.

Standard button mapping

Make your life easier with our standard button mapping, which makes sure that confirm and back actions work, regardless of the controller used.

Laser & gaze support

Navigate menus in your app by pointing a laser or through gaze input, using Headjack's raycast helper functions and laser/crosshair rendering.

Headjack input utilities
SDK XR helper tools

XR SDK helper tools

SDK integration for all VR platforms

The Unity VR SDKs that Headjack supports are already included and fully tested in the Headjack SDK package.

Helper functions

Easily work with the Headjack CMS data by getting title, description, category, file size, and other metadata using an array of useful helper functions.

Runtime Image Loader

High-performance runtime image loading on all platforms, to quickly load rich menus with thumbnails, screenshots, etc.

Pop-Up Messaging

Built-in simple VR-ready pop-up system to display notifications, warnings or errors to the user in VR.

VR Camera system

Create the correct stereo VR camera setup in Unity using a single function call, compatible with all VR platforms that Headjack supports.

Unity Video App development

Source-Available App Templates To Save You Time

To get a head start on development, grab one of our XR templates and alter it to your specific needs. All of our templates are freely available as complete Unity projects, which you can download in our marketplace.

headjack cloud build for XR apps

Unity XR Cloud Build

All the Benefits of Cloud Build With Your Custom Projects

When you build video apps with our SDK at its core, make sure to upload your custom template to your Headjack account. This way, your apps can be easily built for all compatible platforms with our Unity Cloud Build solution

Build app store compatible

App package hosting

Build without unity

Easy multiplatform support

API Documentation


Our elaborate API documentation is here to kickstart any custom XR development project that needs video integration.


Headjack Support

Meet Our Support Team

Headjack originated from Purple Pill, our VR production/R&D studio we started back in 2014. We've always had a strong focus on high quality 360 video and custom app development, and made significant contributions to the community by sharing our insights through our blogs and helping out other VR production studios from around the globe.

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