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Build White Label VR / AR Video Apps Efficiently

Create and build your VR and AR apps in no time and deploy them to all major XR platforms.

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XR app building

Start with Simple App Templates or Customize UI/UX

Whether you need a simple app to demo your XR content at an event, or plan to create a fully-featured custom app that you want to publish to several app stores, we've got you covered!

With our Headjack app-building tools, you can focus on building great experiences since we already took care of the technical bit.

Create VR/AR apps easily

Build Apps Fast with Unity Cloud Build

Building XR apps can be very technically challenging but not with our Headjack Cloud Build solutions. Create some projects, choose a pre-designed template, select the desired device platform, and hit build, Headjack takes care of the rest.

XR Unity cloud build
VR/AR distribution platforms

Multi-platform VR/AR apps

Out of the Box Support for all Major XR Platforms

With Headjack Cloud Build, it is possible to build multi-platform XR apps in a matter of minutes instead of months.

When you have set up your app, select one of the available device platforms and within 10 minutes your app is ready for install.

Oculus, HTC Vive, iOS, Android, Pico, Microsoft, Steam, Daydream

VR/AR app development

Clear Installation Guides and Helper Tools

Installing XR apps without the help of an app store can be a daunting challenge for non-technical users. That is why we created step-by-step instructions and handy sideloading tools to guide you every step of the way.

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Installation guides XR apps
Headjack Link

Frictionless App preview with Headjack Link

With our Headjack Link app, it is possible to review your app and content without having to sideload any apps.

Download the Headjack Link application from one of the major VR stores and connect it with the 6 digit code available on your app page.


XR app creation

360 Essentials

Tackle any XR use case with one of our pre-designed templates. Our Essential templates are designed as a definitive solution for all the problems you encounter during the production and distribution of 360 video content.

Check out our templates for VR kiosks, cinemas, portfolios, and much more on our template page.

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multiple VR headsets

VR,AR,MR app creation

No Headset Limits

At Headjack, we genuinely believe that you should be able to showcase your work to as many people as possible. That is why you can always start as many builds as you wish.

Apps work on an unlimited number of XR devices and various platforms, and you can install the apps on as many devices as you wish.

XR app store distribution

Get More Eyeballs on Your Content by Releasing Your Apps To The VR/AR Stores.

Over the years, our clients released dozens of apps to the various VR storefronts helping them generate a lot more traffic to their content, eventually leading to much more business for their studios.

Headjack offers a lot of comprehensive tools to prepare your XR apps for store release, and for all our paying clients, we offer dedicated technical support to guide them through submissions.

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VR/AR app stores
XR app store credentials

VR,AR,MR app store distribution

Manage App Store Credentials

Easily manage app signing credentials required to build store ready apps for Android, Oculus, and iOS.

Release XR app

Easy Install for your Clients with Oculus App Lab

If you don't want your clients to sideload apps, it's relatively straightforward to set up private store channels within the Oculus ecosystem or release your VR app to the Oculus App Lab store-front.

Follow step-by-step guide
Oculus release channels

VR app store updates

Push New Content Without Having to Perform App Updates

When your apps are live in the store, it's effortless to update them with new content. Just add or change some projects in the Headjack CMS, and the content is pushed automatically on the next startup.

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update XR app

Support app store releases

Technical support with VR/AR app store releases

Although we guarantee that all of our apps are compliant with all technical store regulations, sometimes, it happens that the app won't get approved on the first run, That is why we offer dedicated support when you are submitting your apps.

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VR App support
unity video SDK

XR Unity SDK

A Video CMS for All your Unity Video Apps

The Unity game engine is excellent for developing games, but less for apps that need continuous updates of content since they always require app updates. By hooking up the Headjack CMS to your Unity project, you can always push fresh videos to your app in real-time.

VR/AR Video Unity plugin

No Build Restrictions With The Developer Video SDK

Developers no longer have to worry about key architecture and multi-platform video playback thanks to our powerful Unity SDK and video infrastructure.

spaceman unity SDK

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