VR,AR,360 video analytics

Gather user data after you published your VR App

Use detailed analytics to gain valuable insights about your audience with our XR analytics suite.

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VR, AR, XR App analytics

VR,AR,360 video data analytics

Make Better Decisions and Improve Your XR Apps

Find out how many users viewed your content, for how long, where they are from, which device they used, and even where they looked in each frame of the video.

With our set of analytics tools, you will be able to track what resonates with your audience.

XR app analytics

Measure the Overall Performance of Your App Content

After you released your VR or AR app to the public, it's essential to check the overall performance. Spot problems early on and see if your initial estimates line up with actual data generated by your apps.

VR app analytics sessions

XR general app analytics

How Often and How Long Do Your Users Open Your Apps?

The data points we use to measure this are sessions. A session is measured when somebody opens the app and closes it again, and this tells you how people value your apps in general.


Unique sessions

Average session duration

XR hardware app analytics

What XR Technology Are People Using?

For future optimization of your apps, it's essential to know what type of technology or XR devices your users have been using. Which platform needs bug fixing first or requires more marketing effort, are some of the questions this data gives you insight in.


OS version

Device type

XR hardware app analytics
XR location analytics

XR location analytics

Where Is Your Audience Located?

Identify new markets for your content or know where your largest installation base is with our detailed demography analytics.

XR video analytics

Compare How Individual Videos Resonate

How are the videos inside your app performing, and what is the most popular piece of content inside the app? Questions that can all be answered with our detailed project analytics.

Headjack video analytics XR dashboard
VR 360 video Heatmaps

VR video Heatmaps

See where Your Audience is Looking With Detailed 360 Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a super powerful tool to check how your users are experiencing your content. Check if your edit is correct and if your audience is looking at your content how you intended it in the first place.

VR video analytics

How Many Times Have My Videos Been Viewed?

Of course, this is one of the key metrics which you can find in any video platform, telling you if people watch your videos until the end and which content is most popular.


Unique Views

Average Duration

VR app store improvements

Continuous XR improvements

Improve With Real-Time User Data

Check overall performance over time and make educated decisions on how to change or improve your content. By using the Headjack CMS, updating your content is frictionless and fast and doesn't require any app updates.

Make changes to a project or app, hit save, and all of your apps are updated automatically on next startup.

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Continuous XR app improvements

Export Detailed Reports For You And Your Clients

All of the above analytics are ready to be exported to the most widely used CSV format for easy sharing and further analysis in datasheets.

VR analytics Export

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