InstaVR Alternative

So you are looking for the best InstaVR alternative. Because there are several good VR app creation platforms out there, comparing every single feature one-by-one is fairly time consuming. This page offers you everything you need to find the best tool for your specific project, including:

How Headjack compares to InstaVR
Headjack’s unique Unity integration
Who should use these platforms


Headjack vs InstaVR

InstaVR Alternative | HeadjackHeadjack is an alternative to InstaVR, and is created by the guys from Purple Pill. So how do these two platforms compare?

Both Headjack and InstaVR offer you the ability to easily create standalone VR apps. You simply upload your 360º media files, you click some buttons and tweak some settings, and within minutes you’re the proud owner of a full-featured VR app!

The main difference between Headjack and InstaVR lies in their target audience. InstaVR focuses on interactive experiences, like virtual tours, and is therefore perfect for real-estate agents, as well as producers who wish to easily create branching storylines. Headjack focuses primarily on high-quality playback of 360º (3D) video, and is therefore ideal for producers wishing to distribute their 360º productions in a branded package, in the highest possible quality.


Custom VR Apps Made Easy

The key feature that sets Headjack apart is the Template Marketplace. Inspired by WordPress, non-technical Headjack users can select from a catalog of app templates to change the entire look and feel of their experience with a single click, while developers can use the flexible Headjack template API to build a completely custom interface using the popular Unity game engine.

You can test all of Headjack’s features free of charge, so give it a go!

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