Headjack VR cinema

Setup a dedicated VR cinema in perfect frame sync in no time. Decide what your audience gets to see by simply starting up the app on a VR device and our you’ll have full control with our web-interface. Play, pause or stop videos and send messages to all devices at the same time. The next update will include the ‘Operator Application’ to control cinema apps directly from an Ipad and on local networks.

For more information please login to your Headjack account and check out the Template Marketplace

Remote control an unlimited number of devices

  • Frame Sync playback
  • Web Interface controlled
  • Customizable UI for Foolproof setup
  • Easy logo placement
  • Easy to use Template Settings
  • Works with Operator app
  • Customizable through Unity Game engine

Content Per Project:

1 x 360 video (8K max Input)

1 x 16×9 Main Thumbnail

Appearance options:

Background image: This image replaces the default background of the application. Upload : 4096 x 2048 Equirectangular mono image .PNG or .JPEG

Color Scheme: Choose your color scheme for the default background

Logo: Upload logo to be placed on top of the Main UI. Upload :  2:1 or 1:1 transparent .PNG


Added support for connecting to Headjack Operator app


Add support for stereoscopic (top-bottom) images for the custom menu background (see “Background Image Stereo Mode” setting)


Add support for additional special characters (Unicode Latin-1 Supplement)


Fix error messages sometimes being repeated after video playback

Various smaller fixes and improvements


Only enable “reset on headset off” with kiosk mode (not Grid or Cinema)

Fix subtitle loading when switching between videos in Kiosk mode

Download subtitles when downloading all projects in Kiosk menu

Enable foreign alphabets for subtitle name/language

Disable subtitles options when video is streamed

Disable back button (to go to menu) when using Cinema feature

Do not display next/previous buttons in Kiosk when there is only one video

Move subtitles up if menu is not visible

Scale subtitle background to subtitle size

Increase readability of subtitles

Fix video controls relative to video

Video controls rotate in jumps along with view direction


Add video buffering animation Fixed height so floor is synced with real world (calibrate your VR setup properly)

Fixed left handed controllers on Oculus platforms

Fixed error message when attempting to play a project without a video

Fixed back button for exiting out of video playback when video controls are disabled

Fixed network error message not always displaying correctly

Fixed Kiosk download progress getting stuck on a failed download

Fixed errors when app contains a project without a video or thumbnail

Fixed OpenVR/SteamVR controller scrolling behavior in the Grid menu

Fixed menu buttons when app contains a livestream

Many smaller fixes and improvements