We have spent years optimizing our up and download logic to make it as robust possible even on poor network connections from every corner of the globe. For the upload and final distribution of your video, we make use of Amazon’s Cloudfront Content Distribution Network. This essentially means we have several server endpoints around the globe that can handle your video’s initial upload and takes care of the final download to your end-user. 

Global VR Content Distribution Network

After you uploaded and Headjack finished processing your video, we place copies of that video on various servers worldwide. Hence, your users always have a fast and stable download connection to their devices wherever they may be.

Hosting on Your Local Server or Geo-Lock Content

Due to privacy concerns, it’s sometimes mandatory to use a local server or geo-lock content entirely for specif regions. To accommodate these requests, we have several enterprise solutions in place to set up custom server architecture if required. Please contact support to get more details on these features.