Headjack Link is the dedicated companion app of the Headjack CMS. It can be used to share content or watch changes to your app and artwork easily. And since the app is available on all major VR storefronts, installation is virtually frictionless.

Headjack Link is the fast and accessible alternative compared to building and installing your app using Cloud Build.

  • Headjack Link doesn’t require sideloading of your app
  • Headjack Link can also be used to change the Template and Template Variables of your app without having to rebuild it
  • Headjack Link 6 digit codes can easily be shared with clients or team members for fast content review

How Does Headjack Link Work?

After you downloaded and prepared your app on the app page and are ready to review your app with Headjack Link, follow the next instructions.

  1. Download the Headjack Link App for your desired platform
  2. Open Headjack Link on your VR Device
  3. Navigate to Apps > All Apps > “App Name” in the Headjack CMS
  4. Click “View App”
  5. You will find a 6 digit code
  6. Use this 6 digit code to login into Headjack Link App
Headjack Login CMS
Headjack Login App

Updating Content or Use Headjack Link to Review Another App

Updating content is straightforward. Just follow the standard procedure for updating a Headjack App. Restart your Headjack Link App on your VR device and login with the same 6 digit code, and voila.

The same accounts for reviewing another app in the Headjack CMS use navigate that app’s app page and obtain the new unique 6 digit code. Restart your app and login with this new code.

Note: if you downloaded videos with the Headjack Link app and after that, you use a new login code from another app to login, all previously downloaded videos will be removed from your device!

Run Headjack Link in Offline Mode

It is possible to run Headjack Link offline mode after the initial login, which always requires a working internet connection to do the first initialization with the correct Headjack App.

After you logged in, you can safely disconnect from the internet.

Renew the Pincode

If, for some reason, you would like to generate a new 6 digit code for your app, follow the next instructions.

  1. Navigate to Apps > All Apps > “App Name” in the Headjack CMS
  2. Find the Pin Code dialogue on the top right corner of the app page
  3. Click the “Refresh Button”
  4. new 6 digit login code is now generated