Things You Need to Install .apk Files to Your Oculus Go

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode for Oculus Go

  1. Open the Oculus Mobile app on your Phone
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select your Oculus Go (make sure your Go is powered on)
  4. Select More Settings
  5. Select Developer Mode and enable it

Step 2: Install VRsideloader for Windows or Mac

  1. Download the Headjack VRsideloader for Mac or PC
  2. Install on your computer and Open
  3. Wait for the Android Platform tools to finish installing

Step 3: Install the APK file on your Oculus Go

  1. Connect your Oculus Go to your computer with an USB cable
  2. Put on your Oculus Go and allow Access Permissions
  3. Obtain an .apk file for install on your Oculus Go
  4. Drag & drop the .apk file onto the VRsideloader and wait for the installation to finish

Step 4: Start the Installed App on Your VR device

  1. Put on your Oculus Go
  2. Tab the Apps Button or Libary button (older software versions) in the Main Menu
  3. Tab Unknown Sources
  4. Start the app you just installed
Unknown sources Oculus Go

How to Uninstall a Sideloaded App From Your Oculus Go

  1. Open the VRsideloader on your PC or Mac
  2. Connect your Oculus Go to your computer with a USB cable
  3. Click the “uninstall” button
  4. From the app list click the .apk file you want to uninstall
Uninstalling a apk file from your device

How To Install Sideload an App to the Oculus Go with Command Line and ADB

It is also possible to use command line to install an app on your Oculus Go. our VRsideloader tool is essentially a UI over command line and ADB so you don’t have ton use command line any more. If you prefer to use command line please check out the following guide for a more comprehensive explanation on how to use ADB and command line to install apps on Android Devices.

Use ADB + Command Line to install apps on a Android Device