Headjack Operator is our dedicated remote control solution for VR Headsets and mobile devices. Headjack can be used for VR synced playback of an unlimited amount of VR devices and remotely checking their performance. Another useful feature is that you can prepare large headset sets at once and pre-load them with content without having to sideload content manually on each device.

vr synced playback

Headjack Operator can be used with all the Essential Templates but pairs best with the Essential Cinema Template. Make sure that the 6 digit code you use to login to the Operator App corresponds with the app you would like to control and that you start up the same app on your VR device. If you are using Headjack Link, make sure that both the Operator app and the Link app use the same 6 digit code to log in.

Step 1: First Time Login

  1. Download the Operator app from the App Store or Play Store
  2. Navigate in the Headjack CMS to Apps > All Apps > “app name”
  3. Find the 6 digit link code on the top right of the App Page
  4. Open the Operator on your Tablet and log in with this 6 digit link code
vr synced playback link code

Step 2 : Preview Your Headjack Videos in the Headjack Operator App

Headjack is the perfect application to view all the videos and artwork you have stored in the Headjack CMS. To preview 360 videos in the Operator app, you should first download them to the Tablet device before playing them back on your Tablet.

  1. Tab on a project in the Operator App
  2. Tab the download button and wait for the download to finish
  3. Tab “preview”
  4. Tab the video preview for fullscreen
vr synced playback project

Step 3: Connect a New VR device to the Operator App

  1. Connect the Tablet and the VR device to the same wifi network
  2. Startup the VR App / Login with Headjack Link with the same 6 digit code 
  3. The VR headset should now appear in the Operator app with a green status indicator when it’s connected properly 
  4. Rename your headset by tabbing on it

If your headset doesn’t appear in the Headset list, please check the troubleshooting documentation for the correct wifi network configuration.

vr synced playback device

Step 4: Start a Download of a Video to a VR Device

Since you already downloaded the video on your Tablet in step 2, you now only need to download the video to the VR device

  1. Select the VR device from the Headset List
  2. Tab “Download”
  3. Wait for the download to finish on the VR device and the status returns to ready (green status indicator) / You can also check the download progress in the VR app (if you have used the cinema template for building your app)

Step 5: Start the Video on a VR Device with Operator

  1. Select the VR device from the Headset List
  2. Tab “Start”
  3. Verify that the headsets correctly loaded the video (counter in Operator popup)
  4. Tab “Play”
  5. Your video should now play on your VR device and Tablet
  6. When the video is finished playing, the status indicator should return to green
vr synced playback video preview

Step 6: Connect Multiple Devices for Synced Playback

Now that you know how to connect a device to the Operator App Load it with content, and know how to play the video, repeat steps 3 and 4 for every consecutive headset, and add as many devices as you like. 

For synced playback on multiple VR devices at once, select more than one headsets in step 5.

If you want to know how to prepare a lot of headsets simultaneously or need to set up for a large event, please read the following blog carefully.

Remote Control an Unlimited Number of VR Headsets All in Perfect Sync