Invite users into my account

In any plan, it is possible to invite users into your account for easy collaboration. These collaborators can only see some parts of the Headjack CMS; all pages that include payment or account details are, of course, hidden from them. Only the account holder can invite new members or deny access to the account again.

Invite a team member into your Headjack account:

  1. Navigate to Team in the left menu bar
  2. In the top right corner, fill in the e-mail address of the user you would like to invite
  3. Click “Invite User”
  4. An invitation e-mail is now sent to that e-mail address
  5. Accept the invitation in the e-mail and log in

Disable account access:

  1. Navigate to Team in the left menu bar
  2. Find the person you want to deny access
  3. Click on the “trash can” behind that person’s name
Headjack Team members