Unity SDK Headjack

To make sure you can use the all-new VR-input system, VR Camera system, and some other new VR tools during development, we updated our entire SDK, Headjack Cloud Build, and VR templates to the latest long term support version of Unity 2019.4.12. LTS . 

This update will ensure that all the hard work you do in developing on top of our products will stay working for the years to come and will always comply with the latest app store regulations.

We also took the time to update all of our video players to Unity’s latest internal video player during this update. So gone are the days of third party video SDK’s now everything can be developed, tested, and distributed with three video players and SDK’s.

The new update is not entirely backward compatible with existing (custom) templates, and as a result, Cloud Build won’t be either when the update is live. We have tried to keep compatibility, but the update to the latest Unity LTS version and standard/flat video support required some incompatible changes. We’ve kept the changes needed to a minimum and have updated our own templates to serve as examples for the migration. Rest assured that existing apps will not be affected and will continue to work as expected as long as you don’t attempt to add new flat videos, which existing apps can’t display properly.

Some of the changes:

  • Migrated to the latest Unity LTS version 2019.4.12.
  • Added support for playing back standard/flat videos on a virtual screen (in VR).
  • Unity project structure overhaul, so third-party SDKs and plugins are now separated from Headjack SDK library itself.
  • Updated to the latest versions of all included (VR) SDKs, including using Unity’s new XR plugin management system where possible.
  • Improved (future) compatibility with the different app stores.
  • Added support for Unity video player on Windows and iOS for local testing and an improved proprietary player for those platforms when cloud building.
  • The new video players also provide hardware-accelerated video decoding on Windows now.
  • Read full changelog here

Important notes on using the new Headjack SDK:

  • Use Unity version 2019.4.12f1.
  • The project structure has changed too much to be able to just swap the Headjack SDK in your existing custom template project, so we advise replacing the Template folder in this new Unity 2019.4 project with your custom template instead.
  • Three of the existing build platforms have been discontinued and are no longer supported: WaveVR (lack of use and device support), Daydream VR (discontinued by Google) and Gear VR (discontinued by Oculus & Samsung).
  • If you encounter any errors related to Headjack.App.Player.Eyes (GameObject[]), Please replace those calls with Headjack.App.Player.ProjectionMesh (MeshRenderer). The video display surfaces for each eye have been replaced by a single surface (ProjectionMesh).