The Oculus Go does not contain extremely strong hardware, but because the hardware is exclusively used to run VR, without the overhead of a phone, it is capable of some pretty impressive video playback (read: up to 4096×4096@60fps HEVC videos). This article explains how you can easily transfer your 360º videos to your Oculus Go.

Transferring 360º video to Oculus Go

  • Connect your Oculus Go to your computer using USB
  • Put your Oculus Go headset on to give your computer permission to access the Go’s storage
  • Now copy your 360º videos to the Movies folder on the Oculus Go (on Mac you need Android File Transfer for this)
    • For 360º monoscopic videos, your file should be named filename_360.mp4
    • For 360º stereoscopic videos, your file should be name filename_360_TB.mp4
    • Regular videos can also be uploaded and will be displayed in a virtual movie theatre, no filename conventions required for this (filename.mp4)
  • Put your Oculus Go on, and click Gallery > Internal Storage

You should now see the videos you uploaded, and you can click one to start playing it. Easy peasy.

TIP: Make sure you have turned OFF developer mode in your Oculus Go app, or else your computer might not recognize the device for some weird reason and you won’t be able to transfer any files.