Since Oculus ended support for the Oculus Go and deprecated the Go Store, we can’t push any product updates to the Oculus Go app listed on the Oculus Store. Therefore we decided to remove the store listing entirely.

The Headjack platform still supports the Oculus Go as of today, and to keep the Headjack Link app for Go updated with the rest of the platform, it’s now available as a download so the APK can be sideloaded to your Oculus Go instead.

Please follow the instructions below to sideload the Headjack Link App to your Oculus Go

Step 1: Download the Headjack Link APK and our VRsideloader

This is the download link for the APK of our Headjack Link Application

These are the download links for our VRsideloader desktop App

Step 2: Sideload the APK to your Oculus Go

Please follow the following instructions to Sideload the APK: