Gear VR Thread priority security exception. Make sure APK is signed

Ever received the annoying “Thread priority security exception. Make sure the APK is signed.” message when trying to open a Gear VR app that did not come from the Oculus Store? Well, there can be three reasons for this message:

  • The app does not contain any Oculus signature (osig) files
  • The app contains Oculus signature files, but not for your specific device
  • The app contains an Oculus signature file for your specific device, but it is invalid, which happens when you rename an osig for example

As you can see from the above list, the solution is to add a valid osig file for your specific device to the app.

Do this by following these steps:

  1. Install the InstaVR Device ID app on your Samsung device and open it to find out your Device ID
  2. Now go to the Oculus Signature File Generator page, fill in your Device ID, and click Download File to receive your osig file
  3. Add this osig file to your app project (!! Do not rename the osig file or it will not work !!)
    1. If you built your app using Headjack, go to Settings > App Signing, fill in a title, select Samsung Gear VR  as platform and Local as channel. Now click the big green + Upload Oculus Signature button and select your osig file, then click Save to upload it to your Headjack account. Then select this osig file when you build your Gear VR app.
    2. If you built your app using Unity, copy the osig file to the Assets/Plugins/Android/assets folder of your project, or create this folder first if it does not yet exist.
    3. If this app is coming from a different developer, send them your osig file and ask them to add it to the app for you.