Switching between different App templates is an excellent method if you need to alter your app’s functionality or look, but you don’t want to create an entirely new app. Switching between templates always requires a re-build and reinstall unless you’re using Headjack Link + one of the Essential Templates.

Templates and the Headjack Essentials

Over the last couple of years, we listened carefully to our customers and the problems they encountered distributing their 360 video content. Our Essential templates are designed as a definitive solution for all issues you face during production and 360 video content distribution.

We have developed templates for use cases like VR cinemas, portfolios, kiosks, and much more. All of our templates are multi-platform, so whichever device you are using, we got the perfect template to do the job.

Switch templates on the app page.

  1. navigate to Apps > All Apps > “app name”
  2. Hoover over the Template image and Click “Select Template”
  3. Select one of the Templates Available in our marketplace and Click “Select”
  4. Confirm
  5. Click “Save” on the app page
  6. Re-build and reinstall your app or restart the Headjack Link App
switching VR templates Headjack