Template variables are a handy feature if you want to change the slight characteristics of a template or want to enable or disable different parts of the User Interface. Template variables can be modified at any point and don’t require a completely new app build.

Change the Template Variables:

  1. Navigate to Apps > All Apps > “app name”
  2. Click “Settings” under the template image
  3. Click “Change and Save”
  4. Click “save” on the app page
  5. Restart your App to see the result
Headjack VR template variables

The visual changes that can be modified with the template variables are:

  • The 360 background panorama of your App
  • The color scheme of your UI
  • The Splash Image of your App (does require a new app build)
  • The Logo of your App

Changes in functionality that can be made with template variables are:

  • Enable / Disable media controls
  • Enable / Disable VR controllers
  • Enable / Disable Gaze control
  • Enable / Disable automatic video downloading
  • Enable / Disable autoplay 
  • Enable / Disable auto headset reset

Create your own custom template variables

It is also possible for developers to create or add custom template variables to an existing template or custom template; please check out the following article on how to do this.