When you have developed your Headjack template based on our SDK, it is possible to upload this template to Headjack CMS and build your Apps with Headjack Cloud Build. Using Headjack Cloud Build has a couple of advantages compared to a local build from Unity.

Advantages of Headjack Cloud Build

  • Always build with the latest SDK version.
  • Older Builds are still available in the CMS for downloading.
  • Template variables are easily accessible.
  • Other people than the developer can build apps.
  • A template can be used for easier building for multiple platforms.
  • Always the correct settings for store builds plus store credentials can be managed.
  • A packaged video is available as an option.

How to Upload your build correctly to our platform

  1. in Unity, find the Headjack menu tab in the main navigation bar
  2. Create a .zip file by exporting your Unity Project with the Export as a template file option.
  3. In the Headjack CMS, navigate to Templates > My Templates
  4. Click “+create a new template”
  5. Fill in the Title, Description, etc.
  6. Add Artwork and an optional video
  7. Fill in the Attributes correctly
  8. Upload the .zip file you created in Unity
  9. Set your availability & pricing to private
  10. Click “Save”

Using your template to start a cloud build

  1. Navigate to Apps > All Apps
  2. Create a new App or Click on an existing one
  3. Click “Select Template”
  4. Find the filter Icon next to the search bar and click on it
  5. Select “My Templates” from the dropdown
  6. Select your template
  7. Start a Cloud Build as usual

For more information on how to develop your custom Template in Unity, please start with reading the following documentation.