In this article, we will dive into our video cloud transcoding process and how you can use it to preserve as much video quality as possible or encode video that is more suitable for playing back on a variety of devices.

How To Upload Your Videos Correctly to the Headjack CMS?

First, make sure your video is encoded in one of the following profiles before uploading. There is no maximum on the video resolution you can upload to the Headjack CMS.

Video: Mp4 (H264/H265), M4V, MOV, AVI, WEBM, MKV(with no spatial audio)

Make sure the video your has enough bitrate to do another recompression (if desired) on our platform. We recommend 100mbit/h264 or higher as a general rule of thumb to get a good result.

When you start uploading a video to our platform, either by creating a new project or uploading it to the media page, The following pop-up screen will appear.

How to set the correct metadata for your (360) video?

The form above is crucial to fill in correctly since this will tell the video player in the VR app how to playback your video.

  • Set the video projection to Equirectangular (for 360 videos) or Flat (for standard format videos)
  • Set the FOV to 360 / 180 or custom (for Equirectangular only)
  • Set the right 3D setting for your video stereoscopic or monoscopic
  • Set the proper stereo layout for 3D video Top-Bottum or Side-By-Side

Start a Cloud Transcode or Skip Encoding

Now you have to tell the CMS if you want to use your original uploaded video for final distribution or that you would like to use one of the Headjack Cloud Encoding profiles to do a reencode of your video for ultimate compatibility across various devices.

Use Original

Play video of any format and resolution to get the most out of your (VR) hardware. The video in your app is the exact same video you uploaded to preserve maximum image quality. Use this for playing up to 8K video on PC, 60fps video, or high bitrate video. You are taking control of your video quality, so you’re responsible for playback performance and compatibility.

After you choose this profile, there will start a short encode to make sure we have an optimized web video for review in the Headjack CMS. After the upload is finished your video can directly be viewed in one of your Headjack apps.

For more information on all supported hardware and corresponding video resolutions, please read this and this blog article.

Cloud Encoding

Headjack reencodes your videos for smooth playback on all devices. There are optimized encoding profiles for VR headsets, mobile devices, and on-demand streaming video.

How to Pick the Right Cloud Encoding Settings for your (360) Videos

If you choose Cloud Encode, Headjack has several cloud encoding profiles that can prepare your videos for the final distribution to a VR or Mobile App. Choose one or multiple for your desired use case.

VR Headsets (coming soon)

Ensures highest quality video on (mobile) VR headsets like Oculus Go/Quest, Pico headsets, and Vive Focus. Video is encoded at up to 5.7K resolution at 30fps with a constant quality profile (CRF 18), ensuring no quality loss while reducing file size and download time.

Mobile Devices

This profile ensures compatibility with a wide range of Android and iOS devices. Video is encoded at up to 4K resolution at 30fps. This profile is perfect for distributing to large audiences with varying mobile hardware.


Don’t want to wait for video downloads and immediately stream your video on a wide range of VR and mobile devices. Then this profile is perfect. Video is encoded to an HLS adaptive bitrate stream, creating multiple resolutions up to 4K at 30fps. This profile allows users to view their content regardless of their internet speed immediately.


Embed this video on your website with our easy to use HTML embed code. We are currently playing HD resolution while we work to improve support for WebVR. View your content on any device, including VR headsets and mobile devices. No app install or video download is required. Learn more about WebVR here.

8K tiled streaming (on request)

Please contact our support team to learn about our 8K tiled streaming options since we have to build-in a custom SDK to unlock it.

Check Progress of the upload and cloud encode

You can check the progress of the upload of your videos on the top right corner in the CMS. For the cloud encode’s progress, navigate to Content > Media > “video name”  and check the progress bar.  If you have chosen the original profile, your video will be immediately available for playback in the apps after the upload is completed.

Make changes to the metadata of your video or download the original uploaded video file.

You can always make changes to your video metadata if the video playback is not correctly by navigating to Content > Media > “video name”.  The media item page is also the page where you can find all the metadata of your original upload and where you can download an uncompressed video version of your upload.