On How Many Headsets Can I Install my App?

At Headjack, we genuinely believe that you should showcase your content to as many people as possible. That is why we don’t limit the number of headsets you can install your app on, not even in the free plan. 

Since we don’t limit you on the number of installs, we hope you can adequately test-drive our products or even resell our software before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription.

How Many Apps Can I Create in a Free Plan?

In a free plan, you can create one app for free. From this app, you can create various builds (with different templates or build for multiple platforms, for example), which can be installed on as many devices as you wish. 

To give an example: let’s say I need an app that works on an Oculus Quest, an iPhone, and an HTC Vive, but they will all have the same content in them, and they need to be updated simultaneously. In this case, you can create one app and build three different versions of that same app, one for each platform. Since they all use the same app as their basis, we still count this as one app.

For more information on app building, please check the documentation below.

App Building and Cloud Build

How Many Videos Can I Upload in a Free Plan?

We don’t limit the number of videos you can upload in a free plan as long as the total amount of the videos uploaded doesn’t exceed 10GB. This includes possible cloud transcodes done by the Headjack Platform.

How Much Data Can I Use in a Free Plan?

You get a one time credit of 50GB for video downloads/streaming, which should be more than enough to host your first VR event or showcase your first app to possible clients.

Can I Test the Operator App?

In a free plan, you can use the operator app with three devices to see how the set-up works and get yourself familiar with the UI before you start hosting your first remote control VR viewing and need to add more VR devices to the Operator app.

Can I Already Start my Custom Development Project?

Yes, you can all of the Unity template files are available directly from the Headjack marketplace, and also, the SDK is accessible for free users. If you are developing with our SDK and for some reason, we need to stretch the limits of the Free plan for testing purposes, please contact support.

All plans include these key features

White Label VR Apps

Unlimited device installs

Customizable app templates

Grid, Kiosk, and Cinema Functionalities

All major VR platforms supported

App store ready app builds

Frictionless app installs with Headjack Link

Unity Game Engine integration

VR Content Management System

Global CDN

Analytics suite

App cloud building

Real-time publishing without app update

Multi-user access management

Store credentials management

WebVR video embedding

360º Video Player

Multi-platform video playback

Support for all immersive video formats

Up to 60 fps and 8K input and playback

Unlimited cloud encodes

Spatial audio TBE / AmbiX

Downloadable video for HQ offline playback

Adaptive streaming HLS for instant playback

Check out the Pricing Page for more information