Headjack Cloud Build Overview

Headjack has some powerful features to help you build VR apps without writing a single line of code. With our Cloud Build solution, you can create complex VR apps in under 15 minutes. After you uploaded some videos and prepared some projects on the app page, it’s time to start the actual app build that will generate an app package (.apk) or executable (.exe) which you can install on your VR Headset, Mobile device, or PC

If you don’t want a .apk or executable consider using Headjack Link

We can build for the following target platforms

  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Rift and Rift S
  • Oculus Quest and Quest 2
  • Pico G2 (Pro / 4K) and Neo
  • HTC Vive (Pro) and Valve Index
  • Cardboard iOS
  • Cardboard Android
  • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

How to use Unity Cloud Build

After you prepared all the projects correctly on the app page and choose the right template for your App, it’s time to start the Cloud Build.

  1. Click “Build App”
  2. Select your target build platform from the drop-down
  3. Select the correct distribution channel Local or Store
  4. When Selecting a Store Build, fill in any additional information
  5. Click “Start Build”
  6. Check The progress of your build in the build overview or wait for the notification e-mail in your mailbox (building time is approx 10 min)
  7. Click on the build when it’s finished.
  8. Click “Download App” on the top right corner of the new window that opens
  9. Follow the installation instruction and install the App for your target platform
Headjack Configure Build Window
Example Installation Instruction

Building the Same App For Multiple Platforms

If you want to build the same App for multiple platforms, that’s no issue; simply follow the same steps as above but now choose a different target build platform in step 2.

There is no limit on how many builds you can start from the same App since we believe you should target as many devices as possible. If a building platform is greyed out, that means your template is not suitable for that specific building platform, and you need to change it.

Headjack Build Overview VR

Updating the Content in My App

One of the most powerful features of Headjack is that after you built and installed the App, you don’t have to rebuild your application every time you make a change to it or update its content. Make a change to a project; for instance, hit save, and after you restart the App, all the changes will take effect immediately.

Learn more about updating an App in the following article:

Update an Headjack App

How to Share my App Builds or Redownload Older Builds

The simplest way of retrieving an older app build for sharing is to navigate to Apps > Builds. This path will bring you to the build overview page where you can redownload older builds check their progress, or rewatch the installation procedures again.

Headjack Build Page

If you click “Get App” and then click “Download App,” this will prompt you to a separate page where the App can be downloaded. This URL can also be shared with colleagues or clients if you want the share the .apk or .exe file with them since this page won’t require a Headjack login to access. All of the installation instructions also be found on this page.

Headjack Share Build