Create your VR app for free, pick a plan later


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So which plan should you pick? We recommend everyone to start by registering for a Free account, which allows you to test all features free of charge. Once you’re ready to go live with your app or if you want to remove the watermark from the videos, you can switch to a Pro plan.

The Pro plan gives you a sweet 1.000 gigabyte (or 1 terabyte!) of bandwidth per month, which equals about 4000 views of a 250MB video. If your app turns out to be very successful and you start using more than the 1.000GB of your plan, your app stays live and we simply charge you per extra GB used, just like what happens with your phone plan.

If your apps attract very significant traffic it becomes interesting to consider the Studio orĀ Agency plans, since those plans charge less per GB used. On top of that, they also unlock several additional features, like the ability to package a video inside the app itself to save you bandwidth, the ability to control multiple VR devices at a distance with the Cinema feature, or to upload a video directly to our server without us re-encoding it.