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Headjack originated from Purple Pill, our VR production/R&D studio we started back in 2014. We've always had a strong focus on high quality 360º video and custom app development and made significant contributions to the community by sharing our insights through our blogs and helping out other VR production studios by open sourcing a lot of our in-house production tools you can find above.

From the start we have been focused on fixing the broken distribution chain, not only for ourselves as a studio, but for the industry as a whole. Development of Headjack started in 2015 and after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears this eventually led to the public release of Headjack in 2017.

After the public release of Headjack, we gradually shifted our focus more towards custom app development with the Headjack CMS at its core. Over the last 6 years, we worked on and successfully released more than a hundred custom VR projects in collaboration with agencies, brands and other production studios from around the globe.

To better align our product portfolio and serve our Headjack clients before, during and after production, we eventually decided to the move all Purple Pill services under the Headjack brand in 2019.

Brands who chose Headjack as their weapon of choice for their 360 video distribution

vr ui/ux design

Application Design From the Ground Up

Do you have a VR project that has very specific design challenges or do you want to completely alter the look of your application, then let us help you design your dream application. We can design custom user interfaces and 3D models or environments to tailor the application to your use case or brand.

vr template design

Custom 360 Video Templates

If our pre-designed templates are not what you are looking for or there is some specific functionality missing, you can always let us design a custom Headjack template for you. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to truly white-label and brand your app if you are not a developer.

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A Selection Of Our Work

Platform-wide release of VR blockbuster "The Limit" in custom theatre application.

3 simultaneous 360 live streams to multiple festival locations for playback on mobile devices

Interactive onboarding portal and guide for new hires.

Products Are Used, Services Are Experienced

Maintenance & Support

If You Need An Extra Set Of Eyes

Whether you need to set-up a dedicated production pipeline or you need help with finishing your next Hollywood VR production, we got you covered! Our team has multiple years of experience in both app development as well as high level video production, so we can consult you on every aspect of content production, development or roll-out. We even offer dedicated, on-site support for high profile productions or content releases

app store submissions

Let Us Handle Roll-Outs To The Various VR Store Fronts

Let users experience your content in a fully branded environment that fits your brand identity, and distribute it as a standalone, white-label app to the Oculus, Steam, Viveport, Daydream, Google Play or Apple App Stores.

Technology partners

white-label 360 video applications

Brand All of Our Products With Just a Few Clicks

All of our products can be completely white-labeled. From the player, to the CMS itself, and even the iPad app that you use for controlling multiple devices, you will never see it's us!

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headjack pipeline integrations

Advanced Solutions for Enterprise and Developers

Hook up your production or development pipeline with our powerful Unity SDK and Headjack API

follow the white rabbit

Try Headjack

There’s no better time to try Headjack. Our latest update includes an all-new app building process, improved upload speed, new templates, and more than 150 workflow improvements that will help you build faster and more efficiently. Try our latest Headjack update and see for yourself.